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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Networking 4 Green Earth
Mankind is faced with its biggest challenge ever. Climate change and as its consequence, global warming – if allowed to continue unhindered, according to the extremists – promises to unleash devastation of a kind that will be akin to the one that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.
While the debate is still raging, the time is ripe for a rational and practical take on the matter. Especially for the industry, which, willingly or otherwise, is being pushed into the deep end of the pool. What is despicable is the effort from some vested ends to raise the bogey of doomsday and quietly reap the attending benefits.
At the crux is the concern over the burning of fossil fuels. Coal and Oil, which were the key facilitators behind the economic prosperity of Europe and America in the 19th and the 20th century, are today being termed as villains. The view from the West is simple.“The burning of fossil fuels releases noxious gases which are responsible for warming the earth, thereby jeopardising humanity’s future”. Point taken. But why is this sudden concern about the climate, now that it is China and India’s turn to burn the same fuels that gave the West its prosperity? Why will the developing and relatively less economically advanced Nations atone for the sins of their rich cousins? Is there a method in the madness then?

Everybody knows where the per capita consumption of coal for generation of electricity is the highest. Everybody can also see who’s at his vocal best. Hypocrisy? Or simple, self serving, “Eco-pornography”?
It is between these two extremes that Indian industry finds itself is tangled today. On the one hand is the devil. On the other, the deep.
What then is the way out? What is the need of the hour? How do we pick up the gauntlet that fate has thrown towards us and emerge victors? Pertinent questions all. Questions that demand answers. Questions, left unanswered will ensure that history or our children, will not forgive us.
Do we sacrifice industrial development and economic prosperity on the altar of Eco-friendliness? Or do we pay no heed to the cacophony of the Cassandra’s and continue on the growth path unhindered? This answer too, lies somewhere between the two extremes.
We have to grow. We have to tread on the path of industrialization. We have to scale up and keep our tryst with destiny. India’s economic development is not open for negotiations. It is something that we cannot compromise.
The only way out then, is to embrace development that is socially conscious, responsible, honest and climate friendly. Not a tall order, considering that we have the necessary technologies and the wherewithal that mitigate adverse impacts and that we, as a people, are extremely inventive apart from the fact that in India we have a legacy of being one with nature. Suffice to say, the civilization that has given mankind Yoga and Ayurveda, can show the way out of this imbroglio that our brothers have created by trying to play God, yet again!

Networking 4 Green Earth is a group of honest corporate Samurai’s. Our life’s mission is to leave behind a cleaner, greener, more prosperous world for our children than what we had inherited from our forefathers. Our vision: resolute. Our dedication: beyond comprehension.
We are just a ripple on the ocean today. Come join us so that we may become the tidal wave that we hope to grow up to be, one day. Imagine. We will. Mother Earth commands no less.

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